Ace, Break Away
Franz, Turnstile
Matt, Homewrecker

Transparency is another work in progress, but the most recent. The images appear to be double exposures of posed portraits and live music shots of the same individual. Each person has several layers to them. Those layers can be different personality traits or even different selves entirely. For musicians, they have several layers, several transparencies that are combined. This project peels away the outer layer to expose two of those inner transparencies: on-stage and off-stage. The rawness of hardcore punk often leaves everything before our eyes when these musicians perform. We are let into their world through their lyrics, music, and body language. 

Isolement 9
Isolement 1
Isolement 2
Isolement 3
Isolement 4
Isolement 5
Isolement 6
Isolement 7
Isolement 8
Isolement 10

This body is a work in progress. This series expresses multiple forms of isolation: physical, environmental and emotional through literal and metaphorical representation. Isolement was made more personal by incorporating the synesthesia of the artist experienced during the creation of the images. Little to no post-manipulation of the digital images is done to authenticate what was seen and felt at the time of capture.


Isolation is something that we all face in today’s society through our dependency of the screens of televisions, computers, tablets and smart phones, which detach us from present moments. Isolement strives to have the viewer feel something, anything, to prove that the screens we glue ourselves to haven’t made us all into mindless robots processing imagery while keeping ourselves at a distance. 

Black Sheep 1
Black Sheep 2
Black Sheep 3
Black Sheep 4
Black Sheep 5


​​Black Sheep is an ongoing documentary project about the hunting culture through the eyes of a vegan. A vegan lifestyle is that of which consumes only plant-based materials. To most vegans, hunting can be seen negatively, for it involves the killing and consumption of animals. However, growing up in a hunting family can change one’s viewpoint on the matter. As long as the animal is killed with as little pain as possible and eaten, hunting can be seen as more of a positive way of choosing to eat meat. A death is a death, but hunting is a more natural process compared to factory farming.


The photographs of Black Sheep attempt to neither glorify, rectify or vilify hunting. Hunting is a double-edged sword. The death of an animal is tragic, but necessary for survival and population control in the eyes of a hunter. Black Sheep allows its viewers to see that lifestyles related to diet are a choice and personal ones at that.

ABC No Rio
Generation Records 1
Generation Records 2
Candid 1


New Direction is another ongoing documentary project. It focuses on the hardcore and punk scene showing photographs of everything involved that allow it to thrive. Subject matter consists of venues, record stores, bands, record label owners, and people whom attend the shows, photographed from an insider’s point of view. 


Finding inspiration from early hardcore and punk photographers, such as Bri Hurley, Gail Rush, and Rusty Moore, New Direction attempts to carry on the legacy. The people and places photographed represent what will allow the scene to live on.

Abduction 1
Abduction 2
Abduction 3
Abduction 4
Abduction 5
Abduction 6

This body of work in process takes cues from science fiction movies and television series. 

The Night Is Still 7
The Night Is Still 1
The Night Is Still 2
The Night Is Still 3
The Night Is Still 4
The Night Is Still 5
The Night Is Still 6

This body of work was an extension of Enter the Night as a technical exercise for learning to use a large format film camera. 

Enter the Night 9
Enter the Night 1
Enter the Night 2
Enter the Night 3
Enter the Night 4
Enter the Night 5
Enter the Night 6
Enter the Night 7
Enter the Night 8
Enter the Night 10