Recent Harassment and Needing a Break

I was really on the fence about making this blog post, but I feel like some things need to be said to bring awareness to the types of harassment that women in sports media deal with. I want to open up by saying that these statements are not a reflection of the Flyers as an organization, but a reflection of some of the fans and building workers of the games. Flyers employees have been nothing but respectful and supporting of me as a person and a photographer. I can confidently say that my safety and ability to do my job is a top concern of theirs. So let’s dig into why I am writing this post. This is not for attention. This is not for pity. This is to bring awareness and maybe have some of yo

Journalistic Intent When Photographing Serious Injury

Instead of taking the time to put together a game gallery for last night's Flyers game, I've decided to make a blog post related to journalistic intent in regards to photographing injury. Flyers players and fans watch Alexander Edler being stretchered off the ice. Most in silence, some players clapping their sticks against the ice in recognition. As some of you may know, last night Alexander Edler of the Vancouver Canucks sustained a nasty facial injury during the third period of last night's game against the Flyers. His injury rendered him unconscious at first, but he eventually came to, surrounded my players and trainers from both teams. The moment Alexander Edler's face hit the ice and mo

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