Professional Photographer, Digital Content Specialist, and Photo Retoucher for Hire!


Welcome to my recruiting landing page. I am always open-minded to new career opportunities, be it a freelance, remote, or in-house. With years of experience in several digital services, I have a lot to bring to any company looking to fill a position. Upon going through the links below that include portfolios, tearsheets and news stories about me, you will see this. 

Why should a company or individual be concerned about a strong visual presence? A quick answer would be "Because we are in the digital age and a digital and social media presence can make or break a brand, company, or individual." A photo or quick headline is the first impression that most people get from us. What do you think goes through someone's mind when that image is not strong? I am here to ensure that the visuals representing you or your company are strong ones. 

Through experience photographing various subjects, I can meet all photography needs. Event, headshots, product: you name it, I can do it! I also handle my own retouching, which allows for one less digital specialization you need to look for. Call me a one-stop-shop! 

I invite you to look through my website and if you feel I would be a good fit, please contact me via my information below. Thank you for your time! ​


  • Photography

    • Sports:​ 8 years of professional sports experience; see portfolios HERE

    • Product: 6 years of studio and environmental product and still life photography; see portfolio HERE

    • Music: 10 years of live and promotional band photography; see portfolio HERE

    • Portrait: 6 years of environmental and studio portraits; see portfolio HERE

  • Digital Content Specialist: 7 years of social media content planning and creation; see links below for my own social media accounts​​

  • Photo Retoucher: 8 years of product and portrait retouching; see portfolio HERE

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Cell: 267-818-9095