Online Photography Lessons | Complete Lessons Package

Photography Lessons Overview


I.) Introduction to Photography

    A) Photography Basics

        1.) Exposure

        2.) Aperture

        3.) Shutter Speed

        4.) ISO

    B) Basic Camera Information

        1.) Button Function

        2.) Menu Navigation 


II.) Camera Set-Up

    A) Setting Shutter Speed

    B) Aperture’s Effects on Photos

    C) ISO

    D) White Balance

    E) Metering 


III.) Preparing for a Shoot

    A) Lens Selection

    B) Flash and Strobes

    C) How Many Camera Bodies?

    D) Bag Size


IV.) Shoot Execution

    A) Settings

    B) Positioning

    C) Adapting 

    D) Protecting Images

    E) Preparing for the Elements 


V.) Digital Asset Management

    A) Folder Organization

    B) TimeMachine

    C) Extra Back-up

    D) Offloading a Shoot

    E) Backing up Your Work

    F) Image Hosting Sites 


VI.) LightRoom

    VIa) LightRoom Set-up and Ingesting 

        A) Import Settings

        B) Catalog Creation

        C) Catalog Organization

        D) Watermarks

        E) Export Settings 

        F) Keyword Creation

        G) Custom Metadata

    VIb) Editing in LightRoom

        A) Importing Photos to Target Collection

        B) Renaming Photos

        C) Applying Metadata and Keywords

        D) Tweaking Exposure

        E) White Balance Correction

        F) Clarity vs. Dehazing vs. Sharpening

        G) Simple Retouching Tools


VII.) Photoshop

    VIIa) Editing in Photoshop

        A) Layers

        B) Levels, Exposure, Contrast, and Curves

        C) Color Filters

        D) White Balance

        E) Sharpening

        F) Layer Masks

        G) Depth of Field Control

        H) Selections 

    VIIb) Photoshop Retouching 

        A) Healing and Spot Healing Tools

        B) Clone Stamp Tools

        C) Path Creation

        D) Liquify 

        E) Background Removal

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