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Sore after shooting?

Need to gain strength to handle equipment?

Mobility work vs. Strength building

Being physically fit isn't something that is often associated with being a photographer, but it makes the job a lot easier. Years of handling heavy gear and being in compromised positions can cause some serious wear and tear on the body. Our bodies are put into unnatural posture in order to hold camera gear and without mobility work and strength training, our bodies adapt to these postures and create issues when we go back to our natural posture when not shooting. A combination of specific mobility work and targeted strength training can help protect your body against this wear and tear. It even can make shooting a lot more comfortable! 

Mobility work is comprised of a combination of stretching, range of motion work, and self-massage. It is used to work on muscle groups that are sore and tight. When certain muscle groups are tight, they put their complimentary muscle groups under strain, thus loosening them and reducing their strength. An example of this would be hunched shoulders  (tight chest) and a loose back (because the chest is pulling shoulders forward and stretching the back out). By stretching specific tights muscles caused by shooting or longs house of editing and strengthening the muscles that they loosen, a comfortable work life can be achieved. 

So what's the plan?

By signing up for my workout plan for photographers, you will be given a series of exercises and mobility moves to enhance your body's performance while working. The plan is individualized to your specific needs and equipment availability. Each program has explanations and examples of exercises so you know what you're doing and why you're doing it. The initial program includes a template with a beginning four weeks of workouts and instructions on how to advance on your own. 

About your trainer

Kate Frese is the best of both worlds for this job. She is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer by day and a professional sports photographer by night. She understands what photographers need to improve on and how to make those improvements.​

Take the leap!

Cost: $75 for initial program, $25 for program updates if needed
Payment types accepted: Check by mail, PayPal
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