Frese Frame: Philadelphia Flyers vs. Pittsburgh Penguins, April 15, 2018

Final Score: Flyers 1, Penguins 5

A Perfect Setting

Shirts and wristbands were placed on every seat to spell out "Philly".

Fans passed around a large American flag while Lauren Hart sang the national anthem.

Pre and Post Portraits

Depressing Defense Vs. Oppressing Offense

The Flyers defense just couldn't keep up with the powerhouse that is the Penguins' offense. Scroll above to see photographic evidence.

Flyers Offense Falling Short

The Flyers defense couldn't take all of the blame. Despite a valiant effort, the offense fell short as well.

Player Spotlight: Travis Konecny

In this moment, Konecny said something to Murray after a tiny collision in front of the net. It was hard to tell if it was friendly or unfriendly banter.

Konecny's effort continued through the third, but so did his frustration.

Travis taking a moment to breathe during a stoppage of play.

Up Close and Personal

Moments in Black and White

A complete gallery of this game can be found HERE.

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