Frese Frame: A Goalie Gets His Chance: Philadelphia Flyers vs. Detroit Red Wings, December 18, 2018

Flyers: 3, Red Wings: 2

Every so often hockey teams get lucky. After years of low standings and high draft picks, sometimes they hit the jackpot. Flyers have been fortunate with some talented draft picks over the years. The one we are going to focus on today is goalie Carter Hart. Last night Hart got his NHL call-up. After a rocky start to this AHL season, he eventually settled into his role with the Flyers' AHL team, the Lehigh Valley Phantoms. Goalie injury after goalie injury for the Flyers and a spotlight shifted.

Below I have a few collections of images honoring this special moment in Carter Hart's career where he became the youngest goalie in franchise history to win his first NHL game and the ripe age of 20.

Carter Hart warming up.

Skating first on the ice during starting line-up announcements. I can't image what it's like hearing your name and stepping that first foot onto the ice.

A moment to take it all in during the national anthem.

Time to put in the work and prove to everyone that he is worthy of this honor.

One thing that I love about getting a new goalie on the team is learning their stoppages of play rituals. I quickly learned that Carter Hart likes to squirt his water bottle into the air and watch the droplets fall. I happened to capture this moment a few times and now have some new favorite goalie images.

A post-game hug from Wayne Simmonds is like a christening for new goalies. Carter Hart got his blessing.

Carter reflects on this special moment in his post-game interview: "Yeah, it was something special tonight just to be out there. I was trying not to think about it too much before the game and just prepare like any other game. Now it’s starting to sink in a little bit when I saw my mom on TV there and my billet, Parker, and my dad, who all made the trip. I’m just lucky that I get to share this experience with the people that have supported me my whole life and have sacrificed a lot for me."

It all wouldn't be official without being given his "First NHL Game" puck.

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